Kevin Clarke

Software Development

Cruise Line Online Booking System

PHP, HTML, MySQL, Javascript

This mock Cruise Line booking website was created to showcase the database that was developed to handle the opearations of a cruise line. The website was designed to use HTML templates for every page, allowing for fast and easy updates to the design. With that system in place the focus was on functonality and not asthetics. This system allows a user to book a cruise without having to contact customer support, saving time and money for both the customer and the company. It also enforces double occupancy during the booking process and allows family members to book a cruise together.

Demo Database Source

Online Sales Quote Entry


The Sales Tracking System utilizes bootstrap for a simple clean user interface. User passwords are protected by sha256 hasing with a salt. Once a user has logged in they are able to select a customer from a drop down menu that is popualted with the customer data stored in a legacy databse. After a customer has been selected, line items and notes can be added to the quote. When the quote is complete an email address is attached to the quote and it is flagged for further processing.

Demo Source

Sales Quote Processing Application Suite


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Student Goal Tracking Mobile Application

Interactive High Fidelity Prototype

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Demo PDF